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The marking "beh" seen above the serial number is a 3 letter wartime German coding for объектив для айфона 4 the manufacturer E.

World War II Leitz Porro II 7X50 binoculars (called "tuna cans" by the Germans) are serial numbered микроскоп at для iphone 5 обзор least 238203 – 474439 (however, this is not sequential because other model Leitz binoculars have been seen also manufactured and serial numbered within this range) and, микроскоп для iphone 5 обзор as suggested by Rohan, can generally be divided into three types. Leitz Wetzlar” Marked-Serial # Range at least 238203 - 310223. This type also has a Kriegsmarine eagle marking and usually does not have coated optics. ii) “beh” Marked without Rubber Armour, Serial # Range at least 328770 -436830.

Earlier examples of this type are marked “T” indicating coated optics with a Kriegsmarine eagle.

Later объектив falcon 8mm f3 5 fisheye examples beginning with at least serial # 431583 do not have these two markings but still have coated optics and additionally have housings for silica gel desiccant cartridges on the prism plates with each prism plate secured to the chassis by a large ring instead of screws.

iii) “микроскоп для iphone 5 обзор beh” Marked with Rubber Armour, Serial # Range at least 440763 - 474439. This type has coated optics, desiccant cartridge housings and is rubber armoured (often missing in part or whole camera zoom iphone скачать and or in dilapidated condition) with different style ocular housings than previous models.

Although often called “U-boat binoculars”, these were also much used on surface vessels.

The type iii) is the most common микроскоп для iphone 5 обзор variant but in good condition with rubber armour intact may have same or greater value than the other types.

The market value of WW II German hand-held military binoculars is very high compared to those of other countries and excepting the very finest ones (most made by Zeiss and of 7X or greater magnification) does not always reflect optical quality or rarity. The interior of the objective lenses, prism faces and outside of field lens are reportedly cryolite (sodium aluminum fluoride) anti-reflective coated which transmits light better than the usual magnesium fluoride but is объектив для iphone 6 екатеринбург more fragile.

The exterior of objective lenses shows no traces of coating.

Note that extreme care must be taken when cleaning these old anti-reflective coatings. Not only do zoom для iphone 2g download they easily scratch and rub off but cryolite is soluble in warm water. I объектив рыбий глаз для iphone 4 cleaned gently with isopropanol followed by methanol with no problems. ====================== The optical performance of this binocular is quite good: it is better than the Ross Binoprisms and Barr & Stroud CF 41 especially in sharpness toward edge of field; noticeably brighter and sharper than the excellent Barr & 5 обзор для iphone микроскоп Stroud CF 25; and somewhat brighter телеобъектив 2x для iphone than even the coated B&L Mk 28 and REL’s.

My only objection is that its rubber eyecups get in the way during viewing. If this binocular was not collectable and I was using it every day, I would cut them off which I think the Germans sometimes did. Ones made a little later in the war had объектив широкоугольный для 4 iphone hold-back tabs molded in the rubber to solve this problem.

For more information about Leitz WW микроскоп для II iphone 5 обзор Porro II binoculars see: telscope 7x50.txt and also Fan Tao's review of the Leitz 8X60 Porro II (build is very similar to the 7X50) binofan.co.cc bino beh8x60.htm.

A thank you to collector, Michael Downey, for sharing his research about Leitz WW II Porro II serial numbers with me.

Английский морской бинокль, Barr & Stroud 7X CF41 7X50 ================== Американские бинокли.

NAVY BU.SHIPS MARK 28 MOD 0 7X50 Field of View: 7 deg 10 min = 124.5 m 1,000 m; APFOV 50.12 deg Weight: 1353 gr Exit Pupil: 7.14 mm Serial # Year of Manufacture: 170434 = 1943 1944 Значительно более эргономичная, близкая к современным, модель. Optically this is one of the best circa WWII 7X military binoculars in collection being, I think, just a little bit sharper to edge than the best of the 7X50 REL's.

The beh Leitz 7X50 is a little brighter, however, and also has good edge of field sharpness. Mark 28 was manufactured from 1944 – 1945, but объектив fisheye для canon 5d continued to see service with U.S forces well into the1980’s.

Although he states that they микроскоп were для iphone 5 обзор not originally coated, this being done only upon reconditioning, I believe this applies only to the earliest ones produced and that those made in 1945, at least, were coated upon manufacture.

The above example does have coated optics which was probably done during a later reconditioning.

А вот 7х50 производства другой американской компании.

NAVY BU.SHIPS MARK 30 MOD 0 7X50 Field of View: микроскоп для iphone 5 обзор 7 deg 40 min = 134 m 1,000 m; APFOV 53.2 deg Weight: 1241 gr Serial # Year of Manufacture: 294711 = 1944 Rohan discusses the Navy Mark 30 on page 39 of his book “A Guide to Handheld Military Binoculars”.

It was manufactured from 1943-1944, was considered waterproof, had anti-reflective coated optics, and was of smaller size with a wider field of view than most other WW II U.S.

Excepting the Marks 41 and 45, the 7X50 binoculars made by Bausch & Lomb, Sard, Universal Camera, National Instrument, and Anchor Optical are optically and mechanically very alike (large Bausch & Lomb type chassis, 7.1 рыбий глаз объектив на телефон для айфона degrees FOV with good optics, same ocular design) differing mainly in provisions for weatherproofing, filters and graticules and are best exemplified by the excellent Bausch & Lomb Mark 28.

In use, the Mark 30 is definitely more comfortable to carry and hold than the heavier and bulkier Mark 28.

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